Gurnays Obtained from Worldwide Sources

I have obtained my Gurnays from worldwide sources. One of my sources was Dave Seideman, who obtained his Gurnays from J.E.Hart, who directly obtained his Gurnays from Gurnay. Other sources have been Tom Smith, Hal Conn, Lou McElroy, George Dorer, Mike Anderson, Ed Schmidt, Eric Craven, George Snell, Paul Butt, Basil Bebe, Tom Watson, Bob Chippendale, Jim Whiteside, William Hefner, Frank Soares, George Conan, Don Smith, Harry Harris, and also my good friend Phillipe Martin from Belgium.

Special note to Jim Whiteside for his generous sharing of the Palmer Gurnays.
Also, special thanks to Eric Craven and Paul Butt for the contribution of their Gurnays.

Jim Whiteside (Palmer)X Paul ButtX Copper BeechX Gurnays

Birds owned by Jim Whiteside

Circle ImageCircle ImageCircle Image
Noyon Circle Image
LaTache Circle Image
Typical Copper Beech Gurnay Circle Image
Beautiful Gurnay Hen bred by Paul Butt of Wales Circle Image
Circle Image Fred Shaw Gurnay Circle Image