NEW SALMONELLA (Paratyphoid)VACCINE AVAILABLE  A new Autogenous Salmonella Bacterin (Vaccine) is now available for sale to those wishing to help protect theirpigeons from Salmonella (Paratyphoid).  The vaccine has been developed through the efforts of Dr. John Kazmierczak in conjunction with ARKO Labs.This vaccine is a polyvalent autogenous bacterin of Salmonella isolates recently found in racing, show and meat        pigeons.  It has been formulated as an aid in the prevention of paratyphoid infections caused by many of the Salmonella strains currently circulating in pigeons.  It also contains a patented adjuvant to safely boost the immune response.To date, when the vaccine is administered as instructed, the results have been very positive with limited side effects. In order to receive the vaccine, a Consent Form needs to be signed and sent back either faxed to 609-771-1193; emailed to or mailed.  To get the form and place an order online, go to  Before the vaccine can be received and used, one must contact Dr. Kazmierczak for a phone consult and further instructions. Upon receipt of these items and the consult, the vaccine will be sent FedEx Overnight with full instructions and packed in ice.  All vaccine needs to be refrigerated upon receipt!    The cost of the vaccine is a $1.00 per dose or $100 per bottle, plus shipping and handling.  Sales tax is only charged to those located in New Jersey.Contact:  Dr. John Kazmierczak568 Grand Avenue, West Trenton, New Jersey 08628(609) 771-0995 (office) or Email: