All these birds in photos go back to Splendid Blue check Ted Hart pedigree.

Here are some more photos. The blue cock is the grandson of your blue. He was picked up on an air field in Belgium. The guy nursed him for a few weeks he had been hawked then let him go and he come home on his own about 400 miles. The last dark with a thrill on his neck is a son of your blue cock.

A Pair of my Gurnay races.

A Pair of my Gurnay races.

Gurnay Bands

The bands were from original gurney pigeons sold to James Palmer in Ireland direct from gurnay approximately 1922.
Gurnay Bands

This is a photo of my favorite hen she has stoped laying now 10 years old all her sisters stopped laying at the same age, the other photo is the grandson of your blue cock and a pair of young ones in the nest this morning.

The first photo is of the only remaining pigeon I have from Eric he is 15 years old and handles like silk he is still has full body but dose not fill anymore . The red hen is a 2 year old I will put her in the stock shed next year ,the bronze pied is out of the Palmer cock paired to my best Bronze pied hen ,and there is two cocks just walking around the floor.

More of my birds.

Some more photos Red cock one of my Favs blue cock grandson of your blue little dark racing hen and mother and father of red cock.

I have some photos of some new younger stock that we started breeding from this year. The pied with white on his head is a grandson of your blue cock , his mother and father are both blues and this is the only dark I have bred from them he has thrown back to your birds The dark is another new one in the stock shed.

This little hen is paired to the dark cock in the last photo she was one of only two birds home from 500mls last year in the Swansea valley we had both of them, all so two young hens just starting to take off and a photo off my old bronze cock I think he is 12 or 13 years old now.

Some more of my birds.

Some special birds of mine.

These are modern-day Gurnays, racing very well, in today's competition.

These are three young birds I have bred to keep for futcher stock , they are all grand children of my old No1 cock I put him in the photo with them he don't fill anymore but is still in good condition. I still have a few of his sons but they are quite old so I need to look at some younger stock. Hope you find the photos interesting.

The blue hen was one of my all time favourites 11 flights in each wing see raced well up to 400 miles. I can trace her back to Fred Shaws Fearless Blue I wish I had her now, the two Bronzes where paired to gather most of my birds now go back to them.

American Gurnay and Paul Butt Gurnay

Photo of 95. They are a reminder of Bronze Excellence and Vitality

Paul Butt Gurnays

Paul Butt Gurnays

Paul Butt Gurnays